How to Make Homemade Campfire Starters


Summer is approaching and camping will soon be in full swing. Whether you are in the woods or just on your patio, you’ll need help to get your fire started. But, don’t spend money on things you  can easily make yourself. These homemade campfire starters are efficient and will burn on their own for several minutes allowing you to make a fire even if it is raining lightly. Saving these items that you […]

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How to Make a Mosaic Table

mosaic table finished

I tried my hand at a mosaic table a few years back and it was a fun project. They are so beautiful, with so many various colors and styles. You can really let your imagination and creative juices flow. So I thought I would write a post and do a new table. I found an unfinished table at a thrift store for around $10. Glass top piece included. Bonus!     Here is […]

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Summer Crafts Photos


Driftwood Bird House I am so ready for summer, and I can’t wait to be in the fresh warm air! I’ve collected some images of DIY projects and summer crafts on my Pinterest and Pinzippy accounts to keep track of all the projects I’d like to try. Here are a just few of  my favorite. First is this adorable driftwood bird house. I love collecting driftwood and making natural looking things, so […]

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DIY Glass Bottle Cutter

cutting bottles

I want to share a homemade glass bottle cutter I made. Anyone that follows my blog knows I love crafting with bottles. I spend a lot of time making bottle lamps for my Esty shop and I’ve also been looking for ideas to expand my shop with more bottle type crafts. A few projects that have sparked my interest require cutting the bottle. I would love to add some nice […]

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Easter Egg Cupcakes

easter egg cupcakes

Easter is next week! I’ve seen lots of goodies floating around on Pinterest lately, so here’s my version of the bird nest cupcakes. These should put a smile on my neighbors face! I don’t need to go into how to make cupcakes, there’s a zillion recipes. For mine I used a Betty Crocker yellow cake mix and cream cheese frosting. Coconut flakes dyed green with speckled jelly beans make cute little […]

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