The Magic Braid

The Magic Braid

Braiding leather out of a single piece is pretty easy as long as you remember 2 things. Work in sets of three, and keep track of what side you started with in each set. I always start with the right side over the center, left, right. Now before you continue, bring the bottom up and through the right loop. This will put everything in a twist for a moment. Do another set (left, right, left) Now bring the bottom up and through the left loop. This will straighten out the twists and on to the next set. So if you start on the right, the bottom goes through the right loop. If you start with the left, the bottom goes through the left loop. The leather braid should be tight in the beginning because the end will be loose. Just even out the braids the opposite direction. These are great for making handle straps or bracelets or even a doggycollar! I haven’t tested this, but I think braiding leather in sets of six works too.

The Magic Braid

Now that we know how to braid leather with three strands, try it with five strands! Video on How to Braid a 5-strand Mystery Braid Bracelet.

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  1. Great article.You are so pretty and your designs reflect your style so perfectly. Continued success!

  2. we have worked in leather for years, and love it. love the bracelet to make for daughter and granddaughter, HOW DO YOU FINISH BRACELET?
    we usually sew with coated twine, or sinew. Do you make big enough for fringe to tie, use buttons, snaps, what? thanks so much, kaypyle

  3. I do snaps and sometimes make my own bead clasps but I’ve been using the braid a lot lately to make straps for medicine bags. :-)

  4. I am in charge of a young womens youth group this summer and we want to make your bracelets one of the days for our craft. I’m not sure how to go about getting the leather though. If you could please steer me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you

  5. Hi Stephanie,
    You can get bags of leather scraps sold at the craft stores but leather is always going to be a bit expensive to buy. I found the best way to get it is to buy leather coats and purses from the thrift stores and yard sales. I always try to save a buck how ever I can lol.

  6. Thank you so much for responding back to me, I really appreciate it! It looks like I will be searching the thrift stores! :)

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