How To Make Kool Aid Playdough – No Cook Recipe

kool aid playdough recipe

I want to share a great recipe on how to make playdough using Kool-Aid. It’s very easy to make and there’s no cooking involved so kids can do this themselves if there’s a microwave to boil some water.
Ingredients for Kool-Aid Playdough

  • 1-2 packets Kool-Aid
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 cup boiling water

kool aid playdough recipekool aid playdough recipe


In a large bowl add all dry ingredients and mix well (salt, flour, cream of tartar, Kool-Aid). Add the oil and boiling water to the mixture and mix this with a large spoon until it becomes very firm. It should be cool enough to handle after a few minutes of stirring. Lay out some wax paper and flour for the last step. Use your hands and roll it in some more flour if it feels too sticky.
kool aid playdough recipekool aid playdough recipe









The Kool-Aid makes the playdough recipe smell really good (like taffy) but it probably doesn’t taste very good lol!  Since it has salt in the recipe, be sure to wash hands and use some lotion  to prevent dryness. It will last for a long time if refrigerated in a plastic bag. For a ton of great playdough recipes checkout playdoughrecipe.org. :-)

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  1. thank you very much this really did help

  2. Your welcome. :-)

  3. I might use this for my one year old. This is a great idea. Thank you so much.

  4. It smells good enough to eat, but with a half cup of salt its sure to put a funny face on anyone that tries lol.

  5. Hahaah i made a recipe similar to this..me and my sister tried it and with that much salt it smelt like salt and the wonderful aroma of the kool aid we tried…and regreted it…..i am looking for that sme recipe but imma use this one..

  6. Is there a substitute for kool aid we don’t have any in Australia

  7. The kool aid is just for color and scent. Any type of powdered punch mix should work. Can you get “Country Time” lemon aid or Crystal Light? I am not sure what the sugar will do to the recipe, but its worth a try.

  8. Finally i have found the perfect play-dough recipe THANK YOU :D

  9. Question? Does the dough stain the hands while playing with it? I have a daughter sensitive to food dyes and even on her hands it can be absorbed into the skin. I would like to try this… but was wondering about that tid bit?
    Thanks for your response!

  10. Well kool aid definitely stains your tongue when you drink it, but I don’t remember it staining my hands. The flour may have something to do with that. I do know for sure that the salt dries your hands after extended use. I recommend a bit of hand lotion after washing up.

  11. Great idea! I want to try in my preschool classroom. Also, I shared on our district’s Birth to Five Facebook page for getting kids ready for kindergarten. Thanks for posting!


  12. Thank you Stephanie! :-D

  13. I did not have salt, i made it with sugar and it turned out okayy:) I also added glitter to mine. I love it because my hands did not stain. I started mixing it with a spoon until it was dough, then switched to my hands.

  14. I am SOO pleased to have found your site! This is the most amazing play dough I’ve made yet, and I’ve made lots!! It was super easy and very quick…. I didn’t even need to knead it with flour… I just kept stirring it in the bowl and it was the perfect consistency!!
    We used cherry Kool Aid… we’re in Australia but a lovely US friend sent me some at Christmas time… it makes the playdough even more inviting!! Thanks so much for sharing… have pinned and shared on my facebook page!

  15. Thanks Bekka! I checked out your blog and facebook, so many wonderful ideas! I’m glad you like the playdough. I noticed some of your facebook fans cant find the kool aid packets for sale, you may be able to find a seller on ebay that will ship international.

  16. Suzanne after the discussion on facebook I went to our local Woolworths grocery store and found an alternative here… I’m drafting a post now and will be linking back to this fabulous post.
    I actually found I didn’t need to knead the dough at all with the Kool Aid or my Aussie alternative… and it’s the best consistency and smoothest play dough I’ve ever played with, I mean, my daughter’s ever played with :) Thanks again x

  17. WOW! This is amazing play-dough I am a kid and I LOVE playing with this thx. ;)

  18. Will this work without boiling water?? I want to use it in my 7th grade classroom tomorrow and do not have access (or trust my silly 7th graders) to be around boiling water.

  19. You could try a test batch with warm or cold water, but it might be lumpy and take longer to mix.

  20. Do you know how much this makes? I need enough for 25 students to have a 1/2 sandwich bag full. I can’t wait to try this after I saw all of the great comments! Thanks so much for posting!

  21. The recipie makes close to a half sandwich bag full.

  22. hi! im from argentina. what is kool aid? is it jelly?

  23. Its powdered fruit punch drink. :)

  24. What kind of koolaid I’d the blue one

  25. It says Berry Blue. I think its raspberry flavored. Any blue mix should work.

  26. Hey, Suzanne i was wonderin um how good is this? lol :)

  27. i just did it! i used corn oil instead of veggie and i used only half a tablespoon of cream of tartar and i used country time lemonade instead of kool aide and it worked!

  28. I bet it smells alot better than it tastes! lol

  29. Can I leave it in the play room inside a container or ziploc bag instead of storing it inside the fridge?

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