How to make a Tri-Bead Night Light Cover

Tri-Bead Night Light

Happy New Years Eve! This time of the year is always extra crazy and I haven’t had  a lot of time to do crafts, but today I got an easy project. A tri-bead night light cover.

These are super cheap to make. All you need are Tri-Beads, safety pins and wire. Everything can be bought at Walmart, but I found Dollar Tree has the best price on night lights. They usually come with a plastic bulb cover or plate that can be snapped off. We wont need that part.

For each night light cover you will need ten #3 safety pins and 9-10 tri beads on each pin. Clear beads are the brightest but I like to mix and match colors depending on the beads I have available.

Tri-Bead Night LightTri-Bead Night Light








Once you have the colors on all ten safety pins it will be time to wire them together. Both the top and bottom of the pins will need wired.

Tri-Bead Night LightTri-Bead Night Light







To put all the pins together, cut two pieces of wire about 5 inches long. Keep in mind the clasp on the safety pins will be the bottom. Feed pins on the wire and space them out with a single bead. Make sure the pins are facing “bead side” out. once all the pins and beads are on, cinch the end and start working on the bottom. Lay out the pins and space the bottom with 2 beads between each clasp.

Forming the night light cover

Tri-Bead Night LightTri-Bead Night Light









To finish the night light, twist the wires until  it forms a small ring. Use some wire cutters to snip and hide the wires. Depending on how tight you cinched the bottom, the cover takes a bit of adjustment to get the perfect size for the bulb. I just gently work the cover over the bulb until it gives way. After doing a search on the web I found some more information on this project at allfreecrafts.com. I also have another tri-bead project for a hanging flower pot lamp.

Tri-Bead Night LightTri-Bead Night Light


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  1. I love how colorful this is!

  2. This is such a clever project! Love it!

  3. Thanks Heather! I was bored one night and made about a dozen of these for my etsy shop. After the third one or so, I could whip them out in a couple minutes lol!

  4. I Love the way this looks lit up and it looks fairly easy to do too. What a brilliant idea! This was shared by one of our members at our CafeMom group – Holiday and Party Crafts – with the link back here for the tutorial. So here I am leaving a Luv comment :) Thanks so much for sharing! ~Yolanda~

  5. Congrats on winning the Dollar Tree Contest! You deserve the win! :)

    This is so cute, colorful AND clever!!!


  6. Thank you so much Lindsey! With all the great projects entered I was really surprised it won the contest. Happy dance! :)

  7. Isn’t that the coolest!? Now I must go see the flower pot lamp!

  8. Congratulations dear Suzanne to be the winner! When I viewed your project, I liked the beautiful colors and the wonderful idea!

  9. Thank you Nisha and Michelle! :-D

  10. Very colorful, very clever, very good direction.
    But…….I bet this wouldn’t be the winner if you figured out just
    how many people would try this compared to some of the other runner-ups.
    Just my humble opinion. I know I’ll try other winners and not this one at all….too time consuming for the average person….maybe the jewelry beaders will love it though and I guess that’s what counts.

  11. What a sweet little project! Congrats on winning the 30-minute challenge!

  12. Thanks Janet :)

  13. Congratulations, Suzanne! It’s an awesome, quick project!

    It’s too bad there is always one in the group who has to attempt to bring down another. This won a contest in “Projects That Take 30 Minutes or Less” meaning if one chooses to do yours or any another, it will be 30 minutes or less. Guess any of the 8 projects would be ‘too time consuming for some person.’ I intend to try this one!

  14. Thank you Leslie!

  15. This really saved me because I had a hanging light that that was made of clear cut crystal, I turned into a chandelier but it did not have a box at the top because it was not designed to hang from the ceiling–I needed some way to hide the exposed wire at the top and I did this craft with clear beads from wall mart (1.97 per pack of 500) and wrapped it around the top close to the ceiling and it hid the wires–it looks just like part of the lamp, my husband thought this was ingenious–thank you for posting this!

  16. These are so cute, I have a bazar coming up think I will try and make some.

  17. Hi! Does it have to be the Tri-beads? Can you use something else? Thanks!

  18. You can make these with regular beads. :)

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