No Sew Medicine Bag

no sew medicine bag

I found some leather scraps from an old project and it was large enough to make a no sew medicine bag. I have always liked Native American style art. Sometimes I make replicas of Indian artifacts with my own spin off just for fun.

The problem is leather can get very expensive, especially if you try to buy large pieces in the craft stores. The solution is yard sales and thrift stores. Things like leather coats and purses can be bought very cheap!

North American Indians use medicine bags as a container for various items of supernatural power. While anyone may have one, usually it would be the medicine man, or shaman of a tribe who would carry one. They often carried things such as animal furs, teeth, special stones, or anything that meant something to the owner. No person, apart from the owner, was allowed to look inside this bag. When the owner died, they were buried with it. source
no sew medicine bagno sew medicine bag








To make the medicine bag you will need a large piece of leather, a small saucer, leather lace or cord, scissors, a leather punch and pencil. Use the saucer to trace a circle on the backside of the leather in pencil. Cut the circle out and erase the pencil marks.
no sew medicine pouchno sew medicine bag








Measure out holes evenly around the circle, about 1/2 inch apart. You will want to have an even number of holes for the medicine bag to cinch properly. Something sharp like an ice pick should work, but if you have a  leather punch use that. I used a light para-cord and some wooden beads to finish the bag. Leather lace works good too. A large bead can be used to cinch it tight.
no sew medicine bagno sew medicine bag





If you like these types of projects, then you might like my miniature tomtom drum.

I would like to know what is YOUR favorite leather craft project? :-D

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  1. Thanks great idea. Another alternative idea for those who are against animal products for their own personal reasons could use vegan leather. I notice it is being used a lot now a days in place of leather.

  2. Now that is cool! Thank you for bringing that up. I google’d it and sure unuff. I did not know alot of synthetic leathers used animal leather powder with binders.

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